Windows Store Apps

The Windows Store is an exciting platform to develop apps for. It combines the ubiquitous Windows platform with unparalleled ease of the "app store" distribution and monetization model.

Health and Fitness

Simple Weight Log for Windows 8

Simple Weight Log

Are you trying to lose weight? Or, gain weight? If so, then Simple Weight Log will allow you to easily log and track metrics towards your progress!


Cookie Clicker for Windows 8

Cookie Clicker

Simply bake as many cookies as you can by tapping/clicking on the giant cookie as fast as you can. Then buy upgrades to help you automatically bake more cookies!

Walking Zombies for Windows 8

Walking Zombies

The Zombie Apocalypse has come, and it's up to you to save humanity! You must kill all the zombies before they bite you, but make sure you don't kill any humans that are running for their safety.

Zombie Clicker for Windows 8

Zombie Clicker

Kill as many Zombies as you can by tapping/clicking on the giant Zombie as fast as you can. Then buy upgrades to help you automatically kill more Zombies!

Belle's Penguins for Windows 8'

Belle's Penguins

Can you help Belle find all her penguins? They seem to have lost their way and Belle needs your help!

Coin Bitly for Windows 8

Coin Bitly

Can you help Bitly find all the BitCoins in this throw back to an old game from the 1990's?

Simplicity + Innovation = Simplovation

I believe in simple software that just plain works. Thus my belief in Innovation through Simplicity.
This core belief shines through in the name of the company; Simplovation!

Virtual Router

The original open source Wifi Hotspot for the Windows Desktop!

Use Anywhere

Virtual Router can be used from anywhere!
Others have used it from locations such as: Home, Office, School, Airport, Hotel, Fishing and many more!

Zero Hassle

Virtual Router does not serve ads; nor will it ever spy on your internet activity.
Privacy is as important to me as it is to you!

Free, Open Source

Virtual Router is not only completely Free but it is also Open Source! Want to see how it works? Go view the code!

Mapping is at the Mapping of Simplovation

Simplovation originally started in Fall of 2007 with launching the industries first Bing Maps ASP.NET AJAX
server control aimed at easing developers pain when implementing mapping functionality.

Developer Tools that are free and Open Source!

I strongly believe in giving back to the awesome software development community that has helped me so very much over the years.
In addition to blogging these efforts including creating and maintain a few Open Source developer tools.
Feel free to use what you like and leave the rest. I just hope you find this stuff as useful as I do!

Behold the Web.Maps.VE ASP.NET AJAX Bing Maps server control.

This is the industries First Bing Maps server control for ASP.NET AJAX! Web.Maps.VE allows you to add Bing Maps for Enterprise mapping to any ASP.NET web application with ease. All the JavaScript coding that was traditionally involved in implementing mapping has be abstracted away for you automatically. Using Web.Maps.VE there is absolutely no need to write any JavaScript code.

  • Mapping
  • Developer Tool
  • Open Source
  • Rapid Development

Where is Chris Pietschmann now?

I still maintain Simplovation, but I don't do many new projects with Simplovation currently. My primary focus has shifted away from Bing Maps and over to Cloud computing with Microsoft Azure. You can find me blogging regularly at and on Twitter at @BuildAzure and @crpietschmann.