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Chris Pietschmann's vision of Simplicity + Innovation is the driving force behind all the solutions built by Simplovation. This is a vision of simple, working software that guides businesses and users to new innovations and productivity. All software should be intuitive to use, and solve problems in a manner that leads to increased productivity, innovation, and increased ROI for the business.

Simplicity + Innovation = Simplovation

Since the birth of Simplovation in September 2007, Simplicity + Innovation has been at our core and in our heart. We started with the launch of the Web.Maps.VE developer tool (the industries only Bing Maps ASP.NET AJAX server control) that was a true innovation for ASP.NET developers implementing Bing Maps functionality in their applications. These early beginnings of Simplicity + Innovation run through the core of what Simplovation represents and how we build software and solutions used by MILLIONS of people around the globe.

free and Open Source Software too!

We strongly believe in giving back to the awesome software development community that has helped me so very much over the years. In addition to speaking and blogging these efforts have included creating and maintaining a few Open Source developer tools over the years. Feel free to use what you like from these projects, and leave the rest.

Open Source software from Chris Pietschmann and Simplovation is used by MILLIONS of people.

Virtual Router

The original open source Wifi Hotspot for the Windows Desktop with 10 MILLION+ downloads!

Use Anywhere

Virtual Router can be used from anywhere!
Others have used it from locations such as: Home, Office, School, Airport, Hotel, Fishing and many more!

Zero Hassle

Virtual Router does not serve ads; nor will it ever spy on your internet activity.
Privacy is as important to me as it is to you!

Free, Open Source

Virtual Router is not only completely Free but it is also Open Source! Want to see how it works? Go view the code!